Welcome Home! Bnei Menashe !

Shavei Israel is trying to bring home the lost tribe of Israel, the Bnei Menashe! this summer.

Know about financial benefits

Know yours rights for Sal klita and other benefits.

Housing benefits

New Olim have Discount on rent and other subsides

Tour the holyland

How to travel throughout Israel, study and educational guides

Universities, college and schools in Israel

How to register with Students Authority and get free tuition fees.

Send Free SMS within Israel

Israel gamsung'a SMS free a nathot noma ahileh, Orange ten a website uvah SMS manbeiya thot theiya ding anei uvin ahi. Orange Mobile Number naneiya ahileh, amaho website'a nalut'a na Number na type lutding chujou teng CODE nahin lethot diu, hiche code chu naman'a nalut ding, chujou teng Sign-up nabol ngaikit ding ahi.

Israel gamsung'a SMS free:

A website uchu ahileh www.orange.co.il ahi, Hebrew'a ahijeh in, ahethei lou hon English Translation Page navet nom uleh hiche hi veuvin..